The Grand Ballroom at Royalty West

The Grand Ballroom at Royalty West

Follow the scones up the winding staircase to the Grand Ballroom to feast in an atmosphere of Kings and Queens and Fairy-tale Dreams.

Seating Capacity: 150 - 350+ Guests

The grand ballroom is featured on the 2nd floor and has a capacity of 150 to 400 patrons. A minimum of 200 guests are required on a Saturday evening between Easter and December 31st. This room has a wonderful appearance of stylish carpeting. Some of the most liked features include:

- Spectacular guest entrance and greeting area
- Huge fixed wooden dance floor on springs
- Large 60 foot wet bar
- Dedicated bathrooms just for the ball room
- Brick wall with Castle arches
- Dedicated kitchen
- Private bride room and rest area
- Private elevator

Banquet Room Unique Features

This gorgeous ballroom includes a private balcony overlooking a waterfall with a Koi pond. Complimentary windows enhancing a beautifully landscaped gazebo, waterfall, pond and fountain all add to the ambiance.

A private bridal room, for weddings only, with separate seating, a safe for holding valuables, private washroom and makeup area insure brides have ample room and privacy on their most important day. Bride & Groom will receive a private code to unlock door on the same day.

The Grand Ballroom also features separate bathrooms dedicated only to guests of that event.